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Rehoboth is a byblical name. Isaac's (from the bible) servants had dug two wells and the herdsmen of Gerar quarrelled with Isaac's herdsmen. So when they dug the third well and there were no quarrels Isaac named it Rehoboth saying "Now the Lord has given us room and we will flourish in the land". This town were founded around hot springs and that is also the reason why the Nama referred to this town as "smoke".

Things to do and places to visit in and around Rehoboth

African Kirikara Art and Craft shop

102 km east of Rehoboth, on D1228

For African jewellery, hand woven rugs, carpets, ceramics, pottery, baskets, furniture, functional art, books and much more visit the Kirikara Art and Craft shop.
Location: Google Maps


in town

The museum houses a unique collection of material from the Rehoboth region.
+264 62 522954


Monteiro Self Catering & Camping

74 km north of Rehoboth, on B1
☎ +264 81 129 1172
Location: Google Maps

Rooms and or self catering
Camping facilities
Breakfast and or meals are served
Horse riding facilities
Cycling allowed and or mountain bikes to rent

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Guesthouse name Nearest town Bookings Specials Telephone number Email Website Social page Address GPS Co-ordinates Credit card accepted Awards and accreditations Address on Google Maps Rooms costs Bungalow or flats costs Camping costs Restaurant Swimming pool Airconditioner Electricity Internet Fridge Laundrey facilities TV Other facilities Cycling Horse back riding Hiking Climbing Caving Fishing Game drives Other activities English French German Afrikaans Herero Oshiwambo Other languages spoken
Eningu Clayhouse Lodge Rehoboth +264 64 464 144 145 km north east of Rehoboth N$680 to ppp/n YesYes
Noble Luminous Accommodation Rehoboth -23.294800, 17.078715 Google Maps YesYes
Lake Oanob Resort Rehoboth +264 62 522 10 km west of Rehoboth, D1237 -23.322474, 17.016079HAN Award 2016 Google Maps N$1840 to 2 adults N$1280 to double room N$80 to ppp/n Yes YesYesYes Canoeing, Aqua Cycling, Giraffe Pool Bar YesYes
Camp Omunguindi Rehoboth +264 81 128 9828 87 km north east of Rehoboth, on C23 N$325 to ppp/n Grid TV YesYes
Monteiro Self Catering & Camping Rehoboth

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+264 81 129 1172 74 km north of Rehoboth, on B1 N$300 to ppp/n N$100 to ppp/n Grid YesTV YesYes
Top Astro Farm Rehoboth +264 62 581 419 102 km east of Rehoboth, D1228 N$425 to ppp/n YesCheetah feeding, YesYes
Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve Rehoboth +264 62 581 663 191 km east of Rehoboth, C23, D1228 Yes YesYes
Tivoli Astro Farm Rehoboth +264 62 581405 114 km east of Rehoboth, on C25, D1219 Yes YesYes
Farm Heimat Rehoboth +264 62 581 650 153 km north east of Rehoboth, D1288, C15, C23,D1462 N$990 to 4 beds N$90 to ppp/n Donkey car ride YesYes
Auas Safari Lodge Rehoboth +264 64 406 236 88 km north of Rehoboth, B1, D1463 N$1395 to ppp/n Yes YesYes
Panorama Rock Lodge Rehoboth +264 61 251 313 144 km north east of Rehoboth, D1249, M51 Yes YesYes
Kiripotib Guestfarm Rehoboth +264 62 581 102km east of Rehoboth -23.327534, 17.951040 Google Maps N$730 to N$1800 ppp/n Yes YesYes

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