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This town is often referred to as the garden town of Namibia. Okahandja means the 'place where two rivers flow into each other to form one wide one' in Otjiherero. The Okahandja municipality is rather proud of the clean and green environment created in this town. Okahandja is the main town of the Herero tribe.

Things to do and places to visit in and around Okahandja

Khomas Hochland Hiking Trail FB

9 days, 1 km hiking trail

40 km south of Okahandja, starts on Farm Duesternbrook

This is a fantastic hiking trail which stretches over 5 farms with a fantastic view of the Khomas Hochland.
☎ +264 81 864 3000
Location: Google Maps
ready for hiking

Art and Culture

Sculptures made of wood and rock

in Okahandja, Voortrekker road

Do not miss this large woodcarvers' market! Hundreds of small tables full of sculptures made out of wood and rock can be found here. You will see it as you enter the town.
Location: Google Maps
African craft

Von Bach Dam Nature Reserve

Nature reserve, water sports, spa facilities, rooms, camping

10 km south of Okahandja, take the B1 and D2161

You will find Spa facilities and bungalows in the reserve. Activities include hiking, bird watching and fishing.
Location: Google Maps
canoe on dam

Okahandja Backeré Dekker


in Okahandja, Neib Avenue
For the more local Namibian experience you will have to visit one of the German Backeré's.


Duesternbrook Guestfarm FB

40 km south of Okahandja

The 91 km long Khomas Hochland Hiking Trail starts on this farm. You can also go for horse riding, game drives, a scenic mountain drive or hiking. A swimming pool and bar is on the premises.
☎ +264 61 232 572
Location: Google Maps

Rooms and or self catering
Camping facilities
Breakfast and or meals are served
Horse riding facilities
Cycling allowed and or mountain bikes to rent

Compare Accommodation in Okahandja

Guesthouse name Nearest town Bookings Specials Telephone number Email Website Social page Address GPS Co-ordinates Credit card accepted Awards and accreditations Address on Google Maps Rooms costs Bungalow or flats costs Camping costs Restaurant Swimming pool Airconditioner Electricity Internet Fridge Laundrey facilities TV Other facilities Cycling Horse back riding Hiking Climbing Caving Fishing Game drives Other activities English French German Afrikaans Herero Oshiwambo Other languages spoken
The Rock Lodge Okahandja +264 62 506 00 12 km west of Okahandja Yes TV YesYes
Midgard Country Estate Okahandja +264 62 503 64 km east of Okahandja -22.050734, 17.367113 Google Maps N$738 to N$997 ppp/n Yes YesTV YesYes
Okahandja Lodge Okahandja +264 62 504 1km north of Okahandja -21.958440, 16.898915 Google Maps N$835 to N$975 ppp/n N$150 ppp/n Woodcarver market YesYes
Onjala Okahandja +264 61 259 -22.206264, 17.583294 Google Maps from N$745 ppp/n from N$1290 per bungalow Yes Yes YesYesAirport shuttle service, Spa, Observatory YesYes
Oropoko Lodge Okahandja +264 62 503 62km north west of Okahandja -21.754895, 16.503727 Google Maps Airport shuttle service, Shooting range YesYes
Okapuka Ranch Okahandja +264 61 234 607 44 km south of Okahandja -22.302893, 17.065832 Google Maps N$980 to N$1750 ppp/n Yes Yes YesYes
Moringa Lodge/Safaris Okahandja +264 62 501 60km north west of Okahandja -21.739626, 16.447654 Google Maps YesYesYes
Klein Eden Guest Farm Okahandja 127km north west of Okahandja -21.305194, 16.198190 Google Maps YesYes TV Pool table, Clay pigeon shooting YesYes
Sylvanette B&B Guesthouse Okahandja +264 62 501 311 Hoogenhout Street -21.977693, 16.910141 Google Maps N$290 to N$450 ppp/n Yes YesYes
Ovita Wildlife Restcamp Okahandja +264 62 500 760 86km north of Okahandja -21.571035, 16.564896 Google Maps N$80 ppp/n Yes Climbing tour, Bow shooting, rifle shooting, YesYes
Khan River Lodge Okahandja +264 62 503 80.4km north west of Okahandja -21.751025, 16.304755 Google Maps YesYes
Leopard Lodge Okahandja +264 62 540 67km south east of Okahandja -22.166645, 17.283072 Google Maps N$720 to N$1400 ppp/n Yes YesYes
Ombo Rest Camp Okahandja +264 62 502 Hochfeld Road, C31 -21.892856, 16.907371 Google Maps YesYes
Dusternbrook Guestfarm Okahandja +264 61 232 40 km south of Okahandja -22.269787, 16.900984 Google Maps N$419 to N$863 ppp/n N$998 to N$1268 ppp/n N$155 to N$185 ppp/n Yes YesYes YesYes
Treehouse NamibiaOkahandja+264 81 336 061N$390 to N$490 ppp/nMosquito nets
Gross Barmen Hot Springs Resort Okahandja +264 62 501 091 28km south west of Okahandja -22.109930, 16.747390 Google Maps YesYes
Otjiterazu Hunting & Guest Farm Okahandja +264 62 501 84km east of Okahandja -21.976985, 17.390195Yes Google Maps Yes YesYesQuad bike, firewood available YesYes
Klein Barmen Okahandja +264 81 469 38.9km south east of Okahandja -22.139333, 16.640960 Google Maps Grid YesYesTV YesYes
Guestfarm Katjapia Okahandja +264 62 503 713 53 km east of Okahandja -21.844827, 17.293627 Google Maps N$100 ppp/n Yes YesYes
Omatozu Safari Camp Okahandja +264 816 437 23 km north of Okahandja -21.763152, 16.850359 Google Maps N$800 to N$900 ppp/n N$140 ppp/n Yes Firewood available, Yes YesYes
Okahandja Country Hotel Okahandja +264 62 504 2 0km -21.949994, 16.883379 Google Maps N$510 to N$770 ppp/n N$140 ppp/n Yes GridMosquito nets, YesYes
Haasenhof Gastefarm Okahandja +264 62 503 827an.yawi@esaah 83 km north west of Okahandja -21.633246, 16.491872 Google Maps N$850 to N$870 ppp/n Yes YesYes
Kings Highway Restcamp Okahandja +264 62 504 08 2 km south of Okahandja -21.999510, 16.922019 Google Maps N$270 to N$590 ppp/n N$90 ppp/n Yes Yes YesYes
Omba Restcamp Okahandja +264 62 502 00 12 km north of Okahandja YesYes YesFirewood available, YesYes
Slyvanette B&B Guesthouse Okahandja +264 62 501 21 0km N$450 to N$580 ppp/n GridYesTV YesYes
Heiser's Olivenhain B&B Okahandja +264 62 549 073 32 km north east of Okahandja Yes YesYes
Auberge Omulonga B&B Okahandja +264 62 500 340 458 Dr Vedder street of Okahandja -21.988484, 16.919604 Google Maps Grid YesYes
Capricorn Guesthouse Okahandja +264 62 504 672 0km Grid YesYes
Guesthouse Villa Nina Okahandja +264 62 502 497 327 Conradie Street -21.976364, 16.909208 Google Maps Grid YesYes
Khaya Guesthouse Okahandja +264 62 500 Voortrekker road -21.971824, 16.909849 Google Maps Yes GridYesTV YesYes
Von Bach Dam Nature Reserve Okahandja +264 61 259 372 10 km south of Okahandja N$720 to N$1500 ppp/n N$250 ppp/n Grid YesYes
Erindi Private Game Reserve Okahandja +264 83 330 106km north west of Okahandja -21.543770, 16.386062 N$720 to N$1500 ppp/n N$250 ppp/n Yes YesYes

* Please refer the above guesthouses' website for detail about accommodation, prices, and cancellation policies. Not all costs are listed here.
Prices range from the cheapest accommodation excluding breakfast to the most expensive including breakfast and dinner per person per night. Prices are inclusive of VAT and the bed levy.
Please note that rates are subject to change without notice.