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Mariental was officially founded in 1920. The town name originated from the area's first colonial settler, Herman Brandt, who named it after his wife (Marie's Valley) . The Nama people called the place 'dusty'. Mariental is the centre of Namibia's ostrich farming industry.

Things to do and places to visit in and around Mariental

Hardap Dam

22.5 km north of Mariental

This dam is known as the angler's paradise and is also home to the great-white-pelican breeding colonies.
Location: Google Maps

Get something at the local bakery

Marie Brandt street

For great food go to Tahiti Guesthouse / restaurant or get a take-away at Wimpy, Hungry Lion or Jenny's Chicken. Ask the locals for directions. They will love to help.
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bakery and muffin


Namseb Lodge FB

151 km west of Mariental, good gravel road

You can go for game drives and hiking at this lodgle.
☎ +264 63 293 166
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Rooms and or self catering
Camping facilities
Breakfast and or meals are served
Horse riding facilities
Cycling allowed and or mountain bikes to rent

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Guesthouse name Nearest town Bookings Specials Telephone number Email Website Social page Address GPS Co-ordinates Credit card accepted Awards and accreditations Address on Google Maps Rooms costs Bungalow or flats costs Camping costs Restaurant Swimming pool Airconditioner Electricity Internet Fridge Laundrey facilities TV Other facilities Cycling Horse back riding Hiking Climbing Caving Fishing Game drives Other activities English French German Afrikaans Herero Oshiwambo Other languages spoken
Namseb Lodge Mariental +264 63 293 166 17km west of Mariental -24.756987, 16.902096 Google Maps N$300 ppp/n N$1280 ppp/n YesYes Grid YesYes YesYesYes
Blue Bull Lodge Mariental 143 km east of Mariental -24.137475, 19.115269 Google Maps N$300 ppp/n YesYes
Mariental Rest Camp Mariental +264 81 034 Wolfaardtweg -24.615327, 17.966185 Google Maps N$220 to N$300 ppp/n N$100 to N$150 ppp/n Yes Yes YesYes
Bitterwasser Lodge & Flying Centre Mariental +264 63 265 113 km north, C15 Yes Gliding, YesYes
Anandi Guesthouse Mariental +264 63 242 15 River Street -24.629007, 17.955918 Google Maps N$225 to ppp/n YesGrid Yes YesYes
Sandberg Hotel Mariental +264 63 242 C/O Hendrik Witbooi Avenue and Charney Road, -24.623994, 17.960007 Google Maps N$460 to ppp/n YesYesGrid YesTV YesYes
La Vida Inn B&B Mariental +264 63 242 121 0 km -24.625912, 17.953414 Google Maps YesGrid YesTV YesYes
Kalahari Anib Lodge Mariental +264 61 230 066 -24.430089, 18.099516 Grid YesYes
Kamelruhe Guesthouse Mariental +264 63 250 224 Tuin Street, Gochas -24.859614, 18.803189 Google Maps YesYes
Africa Safari Lodge Mariental +264 63 243 411 25km West of Mariental, C19 -24.630505, 17.770350 Google Maps N$740 to N$1215 ppp/n YesYesYesGrid YesYesTVSpa YesYesWellness spa, Bird watching YesYes
Bastion Farmyard B & B Mariental +264 63 240 14 km north of Mariental, B1 -24.514126, 17.925908 Google Maps N$350 to ppp/n N$135 to ppp/n YesGrid YesDST Bastion Farm Stall & Coffee Shop YesYes
Koha Guest House Mariental +264 81 124 0 km, D1080 Road -24.598193, 17.930706 Google Maps N$300 to ppp/n N$100 to ppp/n Grid YesYes
Hardap Recreation Resort Mariental +27 21 855 0395 0 km -24.481737, 17.839153 Google Maps YesYesGrid Yes YesBird watching, YesYes
River chalets Mariental +264 63 240 515 0 km, B1 Main Road -24.624229, 17.954317Cas Google Maps N$335 to ppp/n N$80 to ppp/n YesGrid YesDSTFirewood available, YesYes
Mariental Restcamp Mariental +264 81 034 0310 0 km N$200 to ppp/n N$100 to ppp/n Yes YesYes
Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge Mariental +264 61 240 70.5 km north of Mariental, B1 -24.091457, 17.644902 Google Maps N$2100 to ppp/n Yes YesYesYes
Lapa Lange Game Lodge Mariental +264 81 129 37 km south west of Mariental, M29 -24.806322, 18.189012 Google Maps YesYes Spa Cheetah feeding, YesYes
Stampriet Historical Guesthouse Mariental +264 63 260 61 km north east of Mariental, C20 -24.346430, 18.402061 Google Maps YesYes YesSpa YesYes
Camelthorn Kalahari Lodge Mariental +264 67.5 km north east of Mariental, D1268 -24.113295, 17.941238 Google Maps N$1150 to ppp/n YesYesYesGrid YesTVSpa Bushman paintings, Quad bike, YesYes
Suricate Kalahari Tented lodge Mariental +264 63 240 855 61 km north east of Mariental, D1268 -24.167822, 17.980295 Google Maps N$1420 to ppp/n YesYesYesGrid YesTVSpa Bushman paintings, Quad bike, YesYes
Teufelskrallen Tented Lodge Mariental +264 61 240 77 km north of Mariental, B1 -24.055537, 17.614196 Google Maps YesYes
Zebra Kalahari Lodge Mariental +264 63 240 855 69 km north east of Mariental, D1268 -24.105474, 17.938376 Google Maps N$1890 to ppp/n YesYesYesGrid YesTVSpa Bushman paintings, Quad bike, YesYes
Maltahohe Hotel Mariental +264 63 293 111 west of Mariental, C19 -24.845446, 16.979512 Google Maps Yes Yes YesYes
Namseb Lodge Mariental +264 63 293 151 km west of Mariental, C19 -24.756879, 16.901967 Google Maps N$300 to ppp/n N$870 to ppp/n YesCheetah feeding, Star gazing, YesYes
Auob Country Lodge Mariental +264 61 374 750 126 km east of Mariental -24.820501, 18.773582 Google Maps N$1300 per person sharing N$170 ppp/n YesGrid Mosquito nets, stargazing YesYes YesYes
Indigo Selfcatering Mariental 62 km north east of Mariental, C15 -24.346897, 18.408269 Google Maps N$550 to per room 2 persons Yes YesFree fire wood Donkey cart ride YesYes
Bagatelle Kalahari Game Lodge Mariental +264 63 240 45 km north of Mariental, D1268 -24.300121, 18.032370 Google Maps N$1344 to ppp/n N$2000 to ppp/n YesYesGrid Mosquito nets, Cheetah feeding, Star gazing, YesYes
Auob Lodge Mariental +264 61 374 750 117 km west of Mariental, C15 YesYes

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