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When Adolf Luderitz did not return from an expedition to the Orange River in 1886, Angra Pequena was named Luderitzbucht in his honour.
Rooms and or self catering
Camping facilities
Breakfast and or meals are served
Horse riding facilities
Cycling allowed and or mountain bikes to rent

Things to do and places to visit in and around Luderitz

Great food

There are plenty of great restaurants in Luderitz ranging from Ritzi's Seafood Restaurant, the Barrels restaurant, Diaz Coffee shop and the Luderitz Yacht club.

lobster sea food


ghost town in the Namib desert

10 km from Luderitz

It was named after a transport driver Johnny Coleman who, during a sand storm, abandoned his ox wagon on a small incline opposite the settlement. The town started to decline after World War I when the diamond-field slowly started to deplete. By the early '30s, the area was in decline. Hastening the town's demise was the discovery in 1928 of the richest diamond-bearing deposits ever known. These were on the beach terraces 270km south of Kolmanskop, near the Orange River. Many of the town's inhabitants joined the rush to the south, leaving their homes behind. The new diamond find merely required scouting the beaches. Kolmanskop was ultimately abandoned in 1954.

Halifax Island

breeding site for African penguins

Also referred to as the jackass penguin, these penguins only breed in Namibia and South Africa. Their population decreased by 95% over the past 100 years. They are on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. It is feared that they might become extinct within in the next 10 years.

African penguin

Goerke Haus

in Luderitz

The discovery of diamonds in 1908 by August Stauch started a diamond rush, drawing prospectors from all over the world. A number of luxurious villas sprung up, which became known as diamond palaces. One of these was the Goerke House (designed by architect Otto Ertl), the villa of the mine inspector for a German diamond-mining company.

Koichab dunes

The Koichab dunes can only be visited while on a guided tour due to it being in the "Sperrgebiet". It is a brilliant stop for photographers.


You can visit the Elizabeth Bay Mine (another ghost town), walk on the Agate Beach, check for ships from the Dias Point and pose for a photo at the Bogenfels Arch.


Haus Sandrose

in Luderitz, 15 Bismarck street

Haus Sandrose has four double units for you to choose from, Halifax, Bogenfels, Grosse Bucht. Kleine- and Grosse Bucht can also be used as a Family Unit. Halifax and Bogenfels units have a kitchenette with microwave, 2 plate cooker, sink, kettle, toaster, crockery, cutlery, coffee plunger and a fridge. Kleine Bucht only has a kitchenette with sink, crockery, cutlery, coffee plunger, toaster, microwave, fridge and kettle. Grosse Bucht has a fully equipped kitchen and is also wheelchair friendly. All units have DSTV and an en-suite shower and toilet. We are within walking distance of 3 Restaurants. Vehicles park in front of the Guesthouse, in the street, under 24HR camera surveillance!
☎ +264 63 202 630
Location: Google Maps Hause Sandrose accommodation

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Guesthouse name Nearest town Bookings Specials Telephone number Email Website Social page Address GPS Co-ordinates Credit card accepted Awards and accreditations Address on Google Maps Rooms costs Bungalow or flats costs Camping costs Restaurant Swimming pool Airconditioner Electricity Internet Fridge Laundrey facilities TV Other facilities Cycling Horse back riding Hiking Climbing Caving Fishing Game drives Other activities English French German Afrikaans Herero Oshiwambo Other languages spoken
Haus Sandrose Luderitz +264 63 202 0 km, 15 Bismarck Street -26.648450, 15.153825Yes Google Maps N$450 to N$630 ppp/n Grid YesTV YesYesYes
Island Cottage Luderitz +264 63 203 626 0 km -26.637467, 15.152257 Google Maps YesYes
Luderitsz Bay Guesthouse Luderitz 0 km, Hafen St YesYes
Luderitz Nest Hotel Luderitz -26.652956, 15.1 HAN Excellence award 2016 Google Maps YesYes YesYesTV YesYes
Element Riders Place Luderitz

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+264 81 666 0 km, Schinz St -26.647891, 15.154726 Google Maps N$110 ppp/n N$100 ppp/n Yes Skydiving, Paragliding, Kitesurfing, Surfing courses, climbing YesYes
KratzPlatz Luderitz +264 63 202 0 km, 5 Nachtigal Street -26.647939, 15.152903Yes Google Maps Grid YesYesYesTV YesYes
Kairos Cottage B&BLuderitz +264 63 203 0 km, Kreplin Street -26.636472, 15.152335Yes Google Maps YesYesGrid YesYesYesTVFirewood available, YesYes
Alte Lodge Luderitz +264 81 636 0 km N$472 ppp/n YesYesYes
Luderitsz-Sea-View Zum Sperrgebiet Hotel Luderitz +264 63 203 411 0 km, Woermann Street -26.645071, 15.158332 Google Maps YesYesYesGrid YesTV YesYes
Hansa Haus Guesthouse Luderitz +264 63 203 581 0 km -26.647982, 15.156547 Google Maps Grid YesTV YesYes
The Cormorant House Luderitz -26.641747, 15.151395 Google Maps N$1100 per room per night YesYes
Zur Waterkant B&B Luderitz +264 63 203 0 km, Bremer Str -26.643518, 15.159747 Google Maps N$455 ppp/n YesYes
Timo's Lodge Luderitz +264 81 124 0 km -26.642808, 15.164294 Google Maps N$275 ppp/n YesTV YesYes
Kapps Luderitz +264 63 202 345 0 km, B4 YesYes
Obelix Village Guesthouse Luderitz +264 63 203 456 0 km -26.651186, 15.155721 Google Maps N$367 ppp/n Firewood available, YesYes
Zum Anker Apartments Luderitz +264 81 129 4390 0 km, 299 Bulow -26.650938, 15.153735 Google Maps Grid YesYesTVFirewood available, YesYes
Villelodge Accommodation Luderitz +264 63 203 0 km, Bay Road -26.652389, 15.157015 Google Maps from N$350 per room YesTV YesYes
Krabbenhoft und Lampe Luderitz 0 km -26.650042, 15.153947 Google Maps YesYes
Bahnhof Hotel Aus Luderitz 125 km east of Ludertitz, B4 (206 km west of Keetmanshoop) YesYes
Aus Accommodation and Namib Garage camping Luderitz +264 63 258 125 km east of Ludertitz, B4 (206 km west of Keetmanshoop) N$280 ppp/n N$65 ppp/n Grid YesYes

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