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Walvis Bay litterally means Whale Bay as "Walvis" is the Afrikaans word for "Whale".
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Things to do and places to visit in and around Walvis Bay

Anchor @ The Jetty

For some great see food and lookout point. lobster

Salt field and natural Bird Sanctuary

Here you can see one of the three wetlands around Walvis Bay, which together form Southern Africa's single most important coastal wetland for migratory birds. It is renowned for the large numbers of both Lesser Flamingo and Greater Flamingo, and has been listed by RAMSAR as a Natural heritage site.
For more information visit Wiki.SABirding. The salt field operation at Walvis Bay was established in 1964 and is one of the largest solar evaporation facilities in Africa, processing 24 million tons of sea water. For more interesting information bird sanctuary and salt field check Tracks4Africa'swebsite.

The Hope Steam Locomotive

This locomotive had to be abandoned due to the lines on which it ran being repeatedly buried beneath sand. It is now one of Namibia's national monuments. For some interesting history visit this steam-locomotives-south-africa blog.
locomotive Namibian national monument

Rhenish Mission Church

This church was assembled using prefabricated wood from Hamburg, Germany and brought to Walvis Bay by ship! It was erected in 1880 and was one of the few buildings in the country entirely made out of imported timber.

Bird Island

10 km north of Walvis Bay

In 1932 a German, Adulf Winter, had the idea of building this platform out on the rocks that are just below the surface of the sea, so the birds in their resting and nesting would be safe from the predatory raids of jackals. Everyone laughed at him, especially as he proposed to build the platform on iron supports that were not bedded into the rock, but just with the heavy weight of the platform to keep it down. He got permission to build the platform, built it and waited for the birds to come. The locals called it "Winters Folly". For the first year it seemed like a failure. In the second year the birds came in their thousands, cormorants, gulls, pelicans, flamingos and many more. Almost 90 years later the birds still nest and rest on this platform.

Dune 7

6 km from town

For great sandboarding and skiing you can hike up this dune. There is also a picnic site and some shady palm trees.


Flamingo Villas Boutique Hotel


corner of Kovambo Nujoma street and 8th Road
☎ +264 64 205 631
Location: Google Maps

Amjicaja Guesthouse


8 Temple Crescent
☎ +264 64 206 225
Location: Google Maps

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Accommodation 1932House Guesthouse Amjicaja Guesthouse Ana's Inn Self-catering Bay Self Catering Accommodation Casa Mia DOLPHIN GUEST HOUSE Flamingo Villas Boutique Hotel Lagoon Lodge Spindrift Guesthouse & Art Studio
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☎ Telephone +264 64 274 850 +264 64 206 225 +264 64 209 164 +264 64 212 440 +264 64 205 975 +264 81 237 4105 +264 64 205 631 +264 64 200 850 +264 81 129 3940
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Distance from Walvis Bay 26, Fritz Lange St 8 Temple Crescent 26 Atlantic street 1st Street North House 5 17th Rd Neate Kovambo Nujoma Rd 22 Main Road
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