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Uis means ''bitter water''. Tin was discovered here in 1911 by Dr. Paul of the German Colonial Gesellschaft.
Rooms and or self catering
Camping facilities
Breakfast and or meals are served
Horse riding facilities
Cycling allowed and or mountain bikes to rent

Things to do and places to visit in and around Uis

The White lady bushman paintings

The White Lady is a rock painting deep within Brandberg Mountain. It is accepted to be a bushmen painting, dating back at least 2000 years ago. There are many theories as to what exactly this white lady is. According to some theories the White Lady is a bushman medicine doctor. Elephants often walk on the part towards the White Lady bushman painting and thus it is not always save to enter. There are guides at the entrance who will warn you.
The Brandberg itself hosts over 1 000 bushmen paintings, scattered around in rock shelters and caves. bushman paintings

Brandberg mountain

The name Brandberg is Afrikaans for Fire Mountain. The highest point is standing at 2,573 m above sea level. You can hike up this mountain however the conditions is significantly more tough than hiking up the Drakensberg mountain since there are hardly any water on this mountain. Although the mountain is not as high as the Drakensberg mountain the hike up is much steeper and longer since you start at a much lower point than what hikers are generally used to at the Drakensberg mountains. There are also a few rocks where trad climbers can climb up. You can ask the MCSA Namibia section for a route guide.

Montis Usti Restaurant

Take a break at the Montis Usit Restaurant.
Location: Google Maps


Brandberg Rest Camp Lodge

rooms, camping

38 km north west of Uis
☎ +264 64 504 038
Location: Google Maps

Brandberg White Lady Lodge

rooms, camping

in Uis on the Main Road
☎ +264 81 791 3117
Location: Google Maps

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Accommodation Brandberg Rest Camp Lodge Brandberg White Lady Lodge
Contact Details (Please see above for website, e-mail and FB link)
☎ Telephone +264 64 504 038 +264 81 791 3117
Practical and Other
Distance from Uis 38 km north west, close to the mountain in Uis
Awards and Accreditations
Payment method Cash, EFT, Credit card Cash, EFT
Accommodation type and price range
Rooms N$ 550


Camping N$ 150


Swimming pool
Air conditioner
Internet access
Laundry facilities
Mosquito nets
Horse riding
Bicycle to rent
Other Check the bushman paintings, climb the steep Brandberg mountain, get a rock climbing route book at a rock climbing club for trad routes in the Brandberg mountain, take photos of the elepahtns and the sunset, buy some local art or gemstones from the bushman entrepeneurs
Language spoken

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