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Tsumeb is in the Oshikoto region and is the closest town to the Etosha National Park and the gateway to the north.
Rooms and or self catering
Camping facilities
Breakfast and or meals are served
Horse riding facilities
Cycling allowed and or mountain bikes to rent

Things to do and places to visit in and around Tsumeb

Dragon's Breath

Cave - sorry not for tourists

10 km east of Tsumeb

This cave is home to the largest underground lake (non-glacier) in the world!! It was discovered in 1986.

Lake Otjikoto

Sinkhole lake

20 km north-west of Tsumeb, next to the B1

This lake is the smaller of only two permanent natural lakes in Namibia. It is a sinkhole lake that was created by a collapsing cave. The lake's depth is undetermined. 'Otjikoto' means 'deap hole'. In June 1915 German troops dumped war materials in the lake before surrendering to stop the South African and British troops from using them. Most of the larger pieces have been recovered and are displayed in the Tsumeb Museum.
☎ +264 67 221 421
Location: Google Maps

Lake Guinas

Sinkhole lake

51.4 km west of Tsumeb, near the D3043 road

This lake is the larger of only two permanent natural lakes in Namibia. It is a sinkhole lake that was created by a collapsing cave. Lake Guinas is home to Tilapia guinasana, a mouth-breeding species of fish that was endemic to this lake.
Location: Google Maps


in Tsumeb, in President street

☎ +264 67 220 447
Location: Google Maps
Tsumeb museum


Travel North Namibia

Bed and Breakfast

in Tsumeb, Dr Sam Nujoma Drive

An internet cafe, free Wi-Fi, europcar agency and jungle gym is also on the premises. Rooms are equipped with air-conditioning.
☎ +264 67 220 728
Location: Google Maps

Minen Hotel FB


in Tsumeb, 7 Omeg Street

All the rooms are equipped with TV, air-conditioning and a telephone. On the premises is also a ladies bar, a separate pub, beer garden and a swimming pool.
☎ +264 67 221 071 or ☎ +264 67 221 072
Location: Google Maps

!Uris Safari Lodge FB

Lodge, camping

25 km west of Tsumeb

The rooms are equipped with mosquito nets, hair dryer, electric kettle, digital safe and telephone facilities.
☎ +264 67 221 818
Location: Google Maps

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Rooms N$594 to


N$550 to


N$893 to


Camping N$165


Swimming pool
Air conditioner


Internet access
Laundry facilities
Mosquito nets
Horse riding
Bicycle to rent
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