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Swakopmund is situated in the Namib Desert. It was founded in 1892 as the main harbour for German South West Africa. Swakopmund means mount of the Swakop river (translated from German). Swakop derives from a Khoi word meaning 'flow of excrement'.
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Things to do and places to visit in and around Swakopmund

Moon Landscape

The Moon Landscape is roughly 30 km inland from Swakopmund. The Swakop river carved canyons into the granite rock which makes this a spectacular site to visit. You need to get a permit from the Tourist Office in Swakopmund to visit the Moon Landscape.

Rosmund Golf Resort and Lodge

6 km from Swakopmund

Rossmund Desert Golf Course is a private golf course in Swakopmund. It is one of only 5 all-grass desert golf courses in the world.
Location: Google Maps

The Swakopmund Museum

The Swakopmund Museum was founded in 1951 by dentist Dr. Alfons Weber. It is the largest privately run museum in Namibia.
Location: Google Maps

The National Marine Aquarium of Namibia

You can see a variety of sea animals in the aquariums. Seawater is drawn in from the old jetty and pumped through filter systems into the exhibition tanks.
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Kaiserliches Bezirksgericht (State House)

This house was constructed in 1902 to serve as the district magistrates' court. In 1945 a tower was added. After WWI it was converted into the official holiday home of the territorial administrator. It is now the official Swakopmund residence of the president.

Mermaid Casino

This casino is located inside the Legacy Hotel & Resorts. Inside you will find a gym, wellness center, outdoor swimming pool, cinema room etc.

+264 64 410 5200


Atlantic Villa Guesthouse


24 Plover Street
☎ +264 64 463 511
Location: Google Maps

Beach Lodge


1 Stint street
☎ +264 81 127 3397
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Accommodation Atlantic VIlla Guest House Beach Lodge Hansa Hotel Swakopmund Hotel Zum Kaiser, Swakopmund Namib Guesthouse Swakopmund Accommodation The Stiltz Strand Hotel Swakopmund Seaside Hotel and Spa Swakopmund
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☎ Telephone +264 64 463 511 +264 81 127 3397 +264 64 414 200 021 930 4564 +264 64 407 151 +264 64 462 743 +264 64 400 771 +264 64 411 4308 +264 64 415 900
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Distance from Swakopmund 24 Plover Street 1 Stint 3 Hendrik Witbooi Street Sam Nujoma Ave 61 Anton Lubowski Street 4 Bernstein Street Am Zoll (blank) Erf 298, Mile 4, Dolphin Drive
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