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Keetmanshoop, founded in 1886, is a town in the Karas region. It is named after Johann Keetman, a German industrialist and benefactor of the city.
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Things to do and places to visit in and around Keetmanshoop

Brukkaros mountain

135 km north of Keetmanshoop

Hiking up this mountain will take you about 7 hours if you are reasonably fit. You will be rewarded with a beautifull view of the valley and of crystals on the way up.
Location: Google Maps

Quiver Tree forest and Giants Playground

16 km north of Keetmanshoop on the C17 road

It looks as though giants played with gigantic rocks in this interesting and strange forest. Some of the quiver trees are over 600 years old.
Location: Google Maps

Giants playground

Naute Dam

in the Naute National Park

53 km south of Keetmanshoop

This dam was built between 1970 and 1972. The dam's source is the Lowen River, a tributary of the Fish River. This is one of few dams in Namibia that are often filled to capacity and it is Namibia's second largest dam. Palms and grapes are cultivated in the area.
Location: Google Maps

Gibeon War Graves

north of Keetmanshoop

The British Station Cemetery contains a plot with the graves of 33 Commonwealth soldiers (South African) who fell in the Battle of Gibeon, 27 April 1915.


restaurants in Keetmanshoop

There are plenty of restaurants, especially some of the known South African chains like the Wimpy and Mohegan Spur. You can get some slightly more local food at the Food Hut or Hungry Lion.


Savanna Guest Farm


124 km south of Keetmanshoop

The owners of this guestfarm are also the proud owners of a respected "Dorper Sheep Stud" and train Arabian Horses for endurance riding in Namibia.
☎ +264 8112 80975
Location: Google Maps

Schutzen Haus


in Keetmanshoop
☎ '+264 63 223 400
Location: Google Maps

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Distance from Keetmanshoop 124 km south, on B1 0 km, Diamond street 0 km, 5th Ave 5km South, on B1 0 km, Wheeler St 0 km, 13th Street 0 km, 129 10th St 0 km, Sam Nujama Dr 0 km, 116, 13th Street 13km north, on M29 99.2 km west, B4 0 km, 42 km north east, on C17
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Other Schutztruppen Graves
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